This personalized survey experience with Creosurvey adds a new perspective to the video marketing industry.
Creosurvey is a survey application specially designed to meet the needs of brands.
You can ask your customers questions related to the service you provide and request their ratings or find out which of your products they are most satisfied with by providing options.
Through Creosurvey ;
  • Gain a better understanding
  • Making it easier to analyze consumer behavior
  • Ensuring strong communication
  • Create content that speaks directly to each of your customers
  • Conduct custom surveys for every industry
Discover the power of personalized video technology with Creosurvey!
  • Request personalized feedback from customers.
  • Ask them to rate your service.
  • Conduct product comparisons using personalized surveys.
Tell us what your brand needs as the Creovideo team, and we’ll create personalized videos tailored to it!