Personalized Video


Put your data to work and wow customers

With CreoVideo's Next Generation Video Platform create millions of Personalized Videos
One for every customer.

How It Works

Specific to Each Audience and Sector

Think about the message you want to convey in the video. design video and audio tracks.

Upload Video Tracks

Upload the video and audio tracks you want to the system. set their ordering and formatting. Whether it's a giant screen or a mobile phone.

Use Your Data

In order to personalize it, send the names, dates or survey information to the system either via API, csv or excel.

Share Your Dynamic Video

Share and serve individual video links sent to you by creo video via any system or via sms, e-mail.


When you reach your customers using personal video, your earnings and returns will reach excellent levels.


Higher ctr (click thru rate)


Increase Conversions


Positive Feedback


Increase in Sales

Your Customers are Unique. The way you communicate with them should be too.

Test drive how we can personalize a video by entering your information.

Personalized Video Process

CreoVideo Has a Higher CTR

The Process begins with an Email or SMS Text Message containing the Creative content. Clicking on the Video will instantiate a Video Player that will stream the dynamic video content. At the end of the Video the user can be shown a survey. All responses are collected and stored along with video view/click statistics. This information is presented in a comprehensive dashboard.





The CreoVideo Difference

Reach Large Audiences

You can reach large audiences with small resources. it doesn't matter for creo video whether you send 500 or 500,000 videos at the same time..

Integration and Harmony

It can be easily integrated into all the systems you use. You can integrate it into all your systems. Your videos will be visible on all devices and platforms.

Analysis and Reporting

With its advanced analysis and reporting infrastructure, you can easily access your watched, re-watched, shared, clicked and survey results. You don't have to wait for all these results. You can receive reports while monitoring and sending processes are in progress.