Give more reasons to buy with purchases

CreoVideo solutions enable E-Commerce organizations to increase their brand awareness, keeping consumers on the e-commerce site, creating new shopping reasons and Helps support customer loyalty. of the brand with personalized video notifications. makes it more effective and relevant.

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Strengthen Customer Loyalty

CreoVideo solutions are used to power the brand's loyalty initiatives. Personalized product and promotional recommendations and new purchases based on a consumer's data profile is supported. Personalized videos to be prepared according to the customer's shopping habits With this, new shopping orientation and improvements in brand loyalty are achieved.


Effective Promotion It Makes It Happen

Ad spend Increases revenue

speeds up the flow .

Raise Customer Awareness

CreoVideo solutions provide personalized customer buying trends. Lets you upgrade with key brand messages. With a personalized video experience It increases your ability to be the first brand that comes to mind when customers make decisions.


Brand It increases recall and awareness.

It increases traffic in a relevant way.

It increases the purchasing tendencies.

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Improve the Customer Experience

Invoice items and services with CreoVideo billing solutions you can easily present to customers. How invoices are created and how to pay and can support customers on when it can be done, invoice and payment


in customer experience provides healing.


Customer participation increases the rate

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