Personalized Video


Every brand has a story to tell. Now, you have a tool that can help you personalize your message to speak directly to each individual customer.

Video that connects you with your customers.

Personalized video gives you a direct one to one connection with the person you are trying to reach. You can import your existing customer and marketing data to segment and target specific users. Imagine being able to directly customize your video in real-time using location, age, time of day or season, buying patterns or other demographics.

Customer experience has a profound impact on any business. Video more than any other type of content has a unique ability to entertain and inform, and thus help create a positive customer experience. The CreoVideo platform allows your team to deliver rich interactions with your content that is personalized for each customer or visitor.

How Personalized Video Works

Personalized Video is a special type of video that uses personal data to speak directly to a customer or prospect on a one-to-one basis.

Customers don’t get just any video. They get their video.