Interactive Video

Engagement Beyond the CTA

Creovideo empowers users by giving them an way to interact with the content you provide and provide valuable feedback. Your business will see increases in open and click-thru rates, and dramatic improvements in engagement metrics. Plus, you can expect measurable increases in customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction.

What Is Interactive Video?

Personalized Video combines video and data to deliver a better, more effective customer experience. Each video is unique to the individual, changing based on customer or contextual data.

Personalized Videos can be interactive and even customizable, updating with data shared by the customer in real time.

Welcome to CreoVideo Interactivity+

User Customization

Turn viewers into creators. Let them change the flow of the story, add media or input their own info, enriching your first-party data. Videos update in real time for a seamless experience.


Add personalization for better CX instead of asking your customers questions you already know the answers to. Need millions of videos? No problem. Our built-in automation makes it easy.

How Personalized Video Works

Video personalization is lot more than dropping your customer’s name intro the first scene – though that can make a big impact on its own. It’s about creating a unique story for each individual. With our platform, this process is automated and scalable so every scene is relevant to the viewer.

Customers don’t get just any video. They get their video.