Dynamic Video Ads

Videos Targeted to Each Viewer

You can control the specific story shown to a viewer through a story board process. Relevant topics that correlate to your overall goals can be included based on data and business rules.

What Is Dynamic Video?

Target audiences based on a range of data, such as their location, interests, behavior, demographics and more. Our DCO for video platform lets you dynamically pull different scenes based on user data, resulting in customized videos perfectly tailored to each individual.

And with our Meta integration, you can seamlessly upload them to your social media ad campaign to run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

dynamic video

Dynamic Video Ads are proven to increase engagement and conversions. Take a look at some of our success metrics across industries.

How Dynamic Video Ad Works

Video personalization is lot more than dropping your customer’s name intro the first scene – though that can make a big impact on its own. It’s about creating a unique story for each individual. With our platform, this process is automated and scalable so every scene is relevant to the viewer.

Customers don’t get just any video. They get their video.