Dynamic Video Ads

Videos Targeted to Each Viewer

You can control the specific story shown to a viewer through a story board process. Relevant topics that correlate to your overall goals can be included based on data and business rules.

What Is Dynamic Video?

Target audiences based on a range of data, such as their location, interests, behavior, demographics and more. Our DCO for video platform lets you dynamically pull different scenes based on user data, resulting in customized videos perfectly tailored to each individual.

And with our Meta integration, you can seamlessly upload them to your social media ad campaign to run ads on Facebook and Instagram.

dynamic video

Benefits of CreoVideo

Reminders & Appointments

You can make appointment confirmations and appointment reminders for customers with creovideo. You can confirm your appointments or create new appointments. You can also offer additional options.

Customer Acquisition

Use your existing customer data to create Personalized Video Ads. These Ads on Facebook beat traditional video ads, delivering a 5X uplift in CTR and a 4X uplift in Brand Recall.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

Use what you know about your customers to push attractive and customized offerings in a fun and engaging way. The goal is to deliver sales uplifts while entertaining and informing your customers.

Device Upgrades

Use Personalized Video to offer customers the opportunity to upgrade their devices. Be aware of other campaigns besides the device.


Use Personalized Video to explain billing charges or proactively suggest account/billing changes. You can also send or remind new invoice dates and payment schedules.

Service and Support

Use Personalized Video to offer your customers a better customer support experience with selfcare tutorials and answers to customer support issues.

Dynamic Video Ads are proven to increase engagement and conversions. Take a look at some of our success metrics across industries.

Personalized Video Results

Personalized Video works at each stage of the customer journey and across industries.Take a look at some of our clients’ results.


More Likely to Appear in Search Results


Email Open Rate


Email Click Rate


Landing Page Visits

The CreoVideo Difference

Reach Large Audiences

You can reach large audiences with small resources. it doesn't matter for creo video whether you send 500 or 500,000 videos at the same time..

Integration and Harmony

It can be easily integrated into all the systems you use. You can integrate it into all your systems. Your videos will be visible on all devices and platforms.

Analysis and Reporting

With its advanced analysis and reporting infrastructure, you can easily access your watched, re-watched, shared, clicked and survey results. You don't have to wait for all these results. You can receive reports while monitoring and sending processes are in progress.

How dynamic Video Ad Works

Video personalization is lot more than dropping your customer’s name intro the first scene – though that can make a big impact on its own. It’s about creating a unique story for each individual. With our platform, this process is automated and scalable so every scene is relevant to the viewer.

Customers don’t get just any video. They get their video.

Dynamic Video FAQs

No, you do not. If you can assemble a powerpoint, you can create a powerful story using our tool.

Yes, we have a great consulting services team that can help you create an effective story around your product and brand and ensure your business goals are achieved.

You bet they do. Personalized video usually provides a great incentive to watch the video all the way through, and as a result engagement rates go up dramatically over regular video.

Yes, we have a flexible REST based API that can be used to integrate our platform with your CRM, ERP, Ecommerce, Marketing Automation or billing system

We can help you plan for any changes. The system is flexible, so it is easy to adjust special offers and other content elements if necessary. You own your personalized asset manager library and can change or modify the elements you stored there.

Yes, we make it very easy to import your data into the system. We can also get data from an external database.

That is really up to you. You control your creative direction and story process. Most projects can be up and running within 60-90 days, and our consulting team can help meet your tight deadlines.